Where inflation is worst in America

The relationship between migration and inflation has strengthened as more people relocate from expensive cities to more affordable areas, according to Redfin.

Americans moved around a lot over the past two years, and those destinations also happen to have the highest inflation rates in the U.S.

The relationship between migration and inflation has strengthened significantly as more people relocated from expensive coastal cities to more affordable metro areas, according to an analysis released by Redfin, the real estate broker.

Phoenix, Atlanta, and Tampa are among the metro regions seeing both hot inflation and the the pandemic-related surge in homebuying.

Conversely, San Francisco and New York City metro regions, which saw residents flee to more affordable communities during the pandemic, experienced the lowest inflation spikes, according to Redfin data.

Watch the video above to learn more about why migration impacts inflation, how the Bureau of Labor Statistics measures rising costs, the role of wages and what may be next for these hot spots.

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